ASUS 250 G6 Price, Specification, Review and Availability

ASUS 250 G6 price is what we intend to review here. This will offer you a complete guide if you are nursing any intention of buying this device soon. Not just the price of this product, we will also check out the specs and as well as review all its features.

ASUS is one name that is currently having it great in the market at the moment. Introduced to market not too long ago, ASUS has been a rather not too popular name in the market especially Nigeria. To be sincere, Nigerians have been so used to names like HP, Dell, Acer etc. Some people have really been blinded to with how popular a device is, forgetting the main thing. ASUS has been dropping quality in the market year-in-year-out. The perfect example has to be its ASUS 250 G6 that comes with lots of quality.

There was a big debate as to what this device has to offer when it was first announced by the manufacturers. However, ASUS shot so many critics when this device was officially launched into the market. So, let us check out all the features that come with this product as we proceed.

ASUS 250 G6 Price

ASUS 250 G6 price ranges from ₦86,000 to ₦94,000 in Nigeria at the moment. It sold way higher than this when it was newly introduced into the market. However, the price has dropped far below what it came with initially and may still go down further with time.

ASUS 250 G6 Key Features

  • 15.6-inches with 1366 x 768 Display Pixel
  • 500GB HDD
  • 4GB RAM
  • Intel Pentium N3710 Quad-Core 1.6GHz
  • Life3-cell 36 WHr Battery
  • Intel HD Integrated Graphics

Design and Framework

ASUS 250 G6 features a remarkable framework to sum up its wonderful body design. The two most amazing things in the design of ASUS 250 G6 has to be the screen and the keypad. Nothing really spectacular about both but molded in a 21st-century fashion. The keypad features standalone buttons with height up to a quarter inch. The touchpad comes with a wider area to allow much freedom while scrolling. The upper edge of the screen comes with its camera that allows you to make some needed connection while still capturing quality images. The edges are its input ports as well as its charging port.

ASUS 250 G6 Battery

The ASUS 250 G6 battery gives a minimum of 4 hours when fully charged. This is made possible by its Life3-cell 36 WHr Battery. Not the most though but believe me, it is just exactly what fits the device of this kind.

ASUS 250 G6 Display and Graphics

This is undoubtedly one of the outstanding points of this remarkable product. With a display powered by 1366 x 768 pixel, ASUS 250 G6 also features an Intel HD Integrated Graphics. Designers can always count on this type of graphics quality for their daily use. The quality from the display makes images and videos as real as they can be. Enjoy the most amazing display quality as you have never had before.


Enjoy a whopping memory space with up to 500GB HDD. This is also complemented with a great 4GB RAM. All you should expect from this product is speed. Keep safe all your valuable files and data with the large size of memory. The processor also combines with 4GB to enhance its processing speed.


ASUS 250 G6 is available in almost every city in Nigeria. As a matter of fact, this very brand is becoming a household name in the Nigerian market. The price may vary with different locations like I said earlier but always try to look for the best deals.

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